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Indian President Droupadi Murmu: Did India Miss its Opportunity?

By Dr. Azam Gill, published in DIFFERENT TRUTHS https://www.differenttruths.com/


On 25 July 2022, Ms. Droupadi Murmu was sworn in as India’s second female and first Tribal President. “My election is evidence that the poor in India cannot just dream but also fulfil those dreams,” said President Murmu. Prime Minister Narendra Modi proclaimed the ceremony a “watershed moment for India, especially for the poor, marginalised and downtrodden.”
Although the ground reality of these lofty semantics will now come under critical scrutiny, India must be appreciated for electing yet another president from one of its diverse minorities. After all, by accepting secularism at Independence, Hindu-majority India bound itself to manage its diversity within a democratic framework, and has, overall, done …
…. But then these aren’t the only minority groups in India…..
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