About Azam Gill

Author and Lecturer in English, Toulouse University II, France.
Ph.D received summa cum laude: dissertation on William Faulkner
Served with distinction in the French Foreign Legion
Commissioned officer in the Punjab Regiment, active service in Kashmir

Publications: two novels, three non-fiction books, doctoral dissertation.

Active member, International Association of Thriller Writers.

Contributing Editor for The Big Thrill, official webzine of The International Association of Thriller Writers.

Interview in the December 16-31, 2008 issue of The Caravan, India.

Five-page interview in the November 2010 issue of Media Vision, India: “correctly analysed … world trends …http://www.mediavoicemag.com/frontpage/3821.html.


    1. There you are, Thakur Jee – sorry for the delay and I hop you sing it with much gusto!

      Ek khubsoorat ladki thi…
      Usko Dekh Ke Rifleman….
      Chindi kheenchna bhool gaya.
      Hawaldar Major dekh liya….
      Usko pitthoo lagaya.
      Badlu Ram ka jisam
      Zameen ka niche hai
      Aur humko uska ration milta hai
      Refrain: Sau barras Hallelujah!


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