John Schlorholtz, Harvard Wellness Centre, is probably the most efficient and effective Yoga teacher in the West.

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A principal yoga instructor at the Harvard University Center for Wellness for almost 20 years, John Schlorholtz offers a number of innovative, flowing yoga routines that are safe as exercise for all ages and shapes, including seniors and people with injuries, illnesses, or disabilities.

Ageless Yoga DVDs provide thorough work-outs that are gentle and gently challenging – and include chair yoga routines.

With rhythmic movement and breathing John makes yoga a new and enjoyable experience for both the beginning and seasoned practitioner. He integrates stories, humor, and a gentle spirit, along with thoughtful and profoundly simple techniques, to make yoga light-hearted, accessible, deep, and even fun.

“… great for people young and old, stiff and flexible, and those with medical conditions, including arthritis.”
~Keli Ballinger, Harvard Wellness Center

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